Welcome to the Lions Den

The Legendary Lions is an established COD clan for gamers with a mature attitude. Who play the objective to win and have got each others backs. Who use team coms and work as a team.

Become part of this great community who help each other grow and improve in the games we enjoy, and where respect exists and friendships develop.

Although the Legendary Lions is a COD clan, that does not mean we ban you from playing other games.

You will not find KD requirements here to enter this clan. All you need is a mature attitude and a Mic to speak (in English) to your clan mates, and be willing to participate in our community both in the forums and in the online gaming world.

So, come and join us!

18+ / PS4 and XB1 / EU / Own a Mic and speak English
Screaming kiddies need not apply

The Legendary Lions Clan Rules